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31 August 2016

The Egiluz Palace - House Of “Juana La Loca” (Joanna The Mad One)

The Egiluz Palace - House Of “Juana La Loca” (Joanna The Mad One)

This is a privately owned sixteenth-seventeenth century emblazoned palace. It has two floors. Its main symmetrical facade has a large entranceway in the centre flanked by bolstered pilasters that support a divided arched pediment inside which there is a large coat of arms.
According to tradition, in 1502, Joanna the Mad One, daughter of the Catholic Monarchs, and Philip the Handsome One stayed in this ancestral house when they were going from Brussels to Toledo to be proclaimed crown prince and princess and they stopped for three days in Hondarribia.
This building is declared a Monument (Decree 265/1984, January 17th, OSB (Official State Bulletin) no. 52 dated February 29th, 1984).


Building declared a Monument (Decree 265/1984, July 17th, BCOB no. 132 dated August 4th, 1984).

Address: Calle Juan Laborda, 3

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